Tartinali - Chocolate praline coconut

Perfume : Chocolate praline coconut

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The Tartinali

This range of Calicoco "made in Reunion" spreads has everything to satisfy the most demanding palates. True sweetness guaranteed without palm oil and made from impeccable raw materials and homemade preparations, Tartinali is a sin to which you succumb without moderation. The range is available in 5 varieties more succulent than each other.

Chocolate, praline, coconut is made from Tanariva De Valrhona great cru milk chocolate and a homemade coconut praline. Dakatine Chocolate and Dakatine Caramel are the amalgamation between a Jivara De Valrhona grand cru milk chocolate and a 62% Satlilia Valrhona dark chocolate or a fine homemade caramel and this famous and emblematic peanut paste beloved of Reunion Islanders. Caramel Saint-Leu Salt is the meeting of a fine caramel and the salt of the city of Saint-Leu in the south-west of Reunion. Chocolate Tangorest is the marriage between dark chocolate 62% Satlilia Valrhona and tangor (a variety of orange from Reunion) zested manually.

Available in a 230 g jar with its small bamboo spoon.

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