Calicoco, artisan of sweets

Calicoco is the meeting of a man from Aix en Provence, the pastry-chocolate-maker-confectioner Grégory Grimoult, and Reunion Island.The fusion between one who started his passion for the profession in one of Aix-en-Provence's biggest pastry and confectionery shops, Maison Béchard, and Reunion flavors like those of the traditional "coconut candy".
Find out more (This traditional delicacy reflects Reunion as well as Calisson, Aix-en-Provence). When Cali married Coco in 2012, this sweetness was born which also became the brand of Grégory Grimoult's company. Almond powder and the Calisson melon have become in the latitudes of the southern hemisphere grated coconut and candied green papaya for Calicoco.

Crafted with the help of a confectioner's assistant in a laboratory with high-performance equipment, the Calicocos, whose recipe is secret, continue to seduce gourmets from Reunion Island.

Relying on the great success of its Reunion confectionery, the creator of Calicoco has increased its range of sweets made from high quality raw materials that enhance local production.

Chic and neat, sober and delicate, Calicoco packaging is an integral part of the brand's hallmark. Made from high quality materials, these elements rightly highlight the product they surround. At Calicoco, neither the content nor the container is neglected.

The Calicocos

Square in shape and coated on both sides with royal icing and gluten-free unleavened bread, this elegant 12g confection is the perfect alchemy of a fine dough made from grated coconut, green candied homemade papaya, country honey, orange zest, apricot jam and cane sugar.

The Calicocos are available in two families: the classics and the fruity ones. The classics include 3 varieties: plain, rum from traditional white Grand Savanna Lontan flavor rum from the quality Savanna Distillery of eastern Reunion, and chocolate made with the famous Valrhona chocolates. Lychee, mango, pineapple are the flavors of the fruity range.

The latter are flavored with original brandies from Reunion's only tropical fruit distillery: La Part des Anges. Available in packaging of 4/8/12/18 and 32 pieces.

The Nougaléo

This tender nougat presented in the form of an ingot is composed, in its plain version, of a delicious all-flower honey from Reunion’s, Ruchers du Sud Sauvage, strips of coconut.

A totally artisanal confectionery, the taste of nougat will differ each year depending on the honey. The Nougaléo can be declined not only with green pistachios but with "pistachio country", the local name for peanuts, as well.

Available in ingots weighing approximately 140 grams.


A perfect companion of celebrations, the marshmallow is brought up to date by Calicoco with its "Creole touch". Made from fresh tropical fruit pulp, marshmallows are the multicolored reflections of a real Reunion orchard with guava (pink), coconut (white) and the José mango and passion fruit (yellow).

Available in the form of skewers of 6 squared marshmallows per kilo, in bulk, for all types of events.

The Tartinali

This range of Calicoco "made in Reunion" spreads has everything to satisfy the most demanding palates. True sweetness guaranteed without palm oil and made from impeccable raw materials and homemade preparations, Tartinali is a sin to which you succumb without moderation. The range is available in 5 varieties more succulent than each other.

Chocolate, praline, coconut is made from Tanariva De Valrhona great cru milk chocolate and a homemade coconut praline. Dakatine Chocolate and Dakatine Caramel are the amalgamation between a Jivara De Valrhona grand cru milk chocolate and a 62% Satlilia Valrhona dark chocolate or a fine homemade caramel and this famous and emblematic peanut paste beloved of Reunion Islanders. Caramel Saint-Leu Salt is the meeting of a fine caramel and the salt of the city of Saint-Leu in the south-west of Reunion. Chocolate Tangorest is the marriage between dark chocolate 62% Satlilia Valrhona and tangor (a variety of orange from Reunion) zested manually.

Available in a 230 g jar with its small bamboo spoon.

The lollipops

Round and delicious, Calicoco lollipops appeal to the young and the old. They are the result of the combination of sugar cane from Reunion with natural flavors of letchi, banana, passion fruit, mango or pineapple.

Available in lollipops of approximately 70 g

Calibaba and the 40 flavors

Rum Baba is a great classic of French pastry that we owe to King Stanislas of Poland in exile in Nancy in the 18th century. Calicoco has made this traditional recipe its own, made from traditional Great Flavor Savanna Lontan white rum from the Savanana Distillery of Reunion. Calibaba is available in 40 flavors of which here are a few bandits: mojito… Available in a jar of 10 Calibabas.

Vegetable pasta

At Calicoco we seek uniqueness. It is therefore with deliciously sweet vegetable pulps that we have developed our "little pasta" which recall the flavors of local cuisine.

5 shades of sugar

In Reunion, we produce 5 different types of sugars in cane factories. More or less refined and therefore more or less colorful, we simply put them together in a nicely sweet jar.